Proto-Neutron Star Winds: Supernova Diversity, Magnetars, and Heavy Element Nucleosynthesis

Proto-Neutron Star Winds: ....Nucleosynthesis - Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson
Ohio State University & Institute for Advanced Study
October 16, 2018

The mechanism of the explosion of massive stars remains uncertain. I will
discuss aspects of the critical condition for explosion, the observed
supernova diversity, and the connection to gamma-ray bursts and
super-luminous supernovae. I will focus on the first few seconds after
explosion, during the "proto-neutron star" cooling epoch, when a wind
driven by neutrino heating emerges from the cooling neutron star into the
overlying massive stellar progenitor, powering the explosion. I will
describe the physics of proto-neutron star winds, their heavy element
nucleosynthesis, and our new work in assessing the role of rotation and
magnetic fields in powering GRBs and energetic supernovae, and in
generating the r-process nuclei.