Sebastian Currier

High Wire Act

New Millennium Ensemble
February 5, 2016
Looking back through the history of music composition, there is no question that women have been extremely under-represented. In the last few decades that has started to change, and change quickly. Not only are there more and more women writing music, but an increasing number are now ranked among the top composers of our time.

Late Beethoven and American Modernism

Fred Sherry and Sebastian Currier
March 20, 2015
The pianist Peter Serkin and cellist Fred Sherry are both known for their brilliant renderings of classical repertoire, as well as for their passionate advocacy and electrifying performances of contemporary music. They will present Beethoven's last two cellos sonatas, as well as solo works by the American modernist composers Babbitt, Wourinen, and Carter.

Concert Talks - Lara St. John and Martin Kennedy, Edward T. Cone Concert Series

Lara St. John, Martin Kennedy, Sebastian Currier
November 24, 2013
The Edward T. Cone Concert Series continued on November 22 with Musical Geographies, featuring Lara St. John and Martin Kennedy. Over the years, acclaimed violinist Lara St. John has collected thousands of folk tunes from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and has commissioned composers to make arrangements of some of the material. In this video Sebastian Currier, Artist-in-Residence, Lara St. John, and Martin Kennedy take the stage to discuss the concert.

Concert Talks - Bruce Adolphe, Edward T. Cone Concert Series

Bruce Adolphe
Edward T. Cone Concert Series
October 13, 2013

The Edward T. Cone Concert Series season opened on Friday October 11 with Sight and Sound, featuring the celebrated Cassatt String Quartet.  The program included a new work by Bruce Adolphe based on the life and paintings of Impressionist painter and printmaker Mary Cassat.  In this video, Sebastian Currier, Artist-in-Residence, and Bruce Adolphe take the stage to discuss the concert.