Edward T. Cone Concert: So Percussion

So Percussion with David Lang
March 3, 2017
The season will conclude with a performance by So Percussion, the Edward T. Cone Ensemble-in-Residence at Princeton University. The concerts will feature a program by composer Steve Reich, in honor of his eightieth birthday. A concert talk with David Lang and the artists will follow the Friday, March 3 performance.

Ordinary Light

Tracey K. Smith
March 16, 2016

Hailed for her "extraordinary range and ambition" by the New York Times, Tracey K. Smith will read from her recently published memoir Ordinary Light and her Pulitzer Prize–winning poetry collection Life on Mars.

High Wire Act

New Millennium Ensemble
February 5, 2016
Looking back through the history of music composition, there is no question that women have been extremely under-represented. In the last few decades that has started to change, and change quickly. Not only are there more and more women writing music, but an increasing number are now ranked among the top composers of our time.

Late Beethoven and American Modernism

Fred Sherry and Sebastian Currier
March 20, 2015
The pianist Peter Serkin and cellist Fred Sherry are both known for their brilliant renderings of classical repertoire, as well as for their passionate advocacy and electrifying performances of contemporary music. They will present Beethoven's last two cellos sonatas, as well as solo works by the American modernist composers Babbitt, Wourinen, and Carter.

Edward T. Cone Concert - Post Concert Talk

Sebastian Currier, Miranda Cuckson, Michael Atkinson, Blair McMillen, David Rakowski
February 8, 2014
In 1982, Ligeti wrote his Horn Trio, calling it a homage to Brahms. It was an important turning point in Ligeti’s musical style, when his modern­ist aesthetic shifted and he began to look back to the past. The superb Nunc Ensemble performed both the Ligeti and the Brahms horn trios side by side, as well as works by Rakowski and Ferneyhough. In this video Sebastian Currier, Artist-in-Residence, Miranda Cuckson, Michael Atkinson, Blair McMillen, and David Rakowski take the stage to discuss the concert after the performance.