School of Mathematics

On Voevodsky's univalence principle

André Joyal
Université du Québec á Montréal
September 11, 2018
Abstract: The discovery of the "univalence principle" is a mark of Voevodsky's genius.
Its importance for type theory cannot be overestimated: it is like the "induction principle" for arithmetic.
I will recall the homotopy interpretation of type theory and the notion of univalent fibration.
I will describe the connection between univalence and descent in higher toposes.

Combinatorial methods for PIT (and ranks of matrix spaces)

Roy Meshulam
June 8, 2018

This workshop aims to explore connections between complexity and optimization with algebra and analysis, which have emerged from the works on operator scaling. The hope is to inform participants from different communities of both basic tools and new developments, and set out new challenges and directions for this exciting interdisciplinary research.