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What to Do with Sound-Bites: On Politics and Propaganda in the 21st Century

Danielle Allen
Institute for Advanced Study
February 27, 2008

Danielle Allen, UPS Foundation Professor, School of Social Science. The political season is upon us and so, if they were not before, our newspapers, radios, computer screens, and televisions are now overfull with sound-bites; and countless people are complaining about the degradation of political conversation. But is a sound-bite really such a bad thing?

The History of Others: Foreign Peoples in Early Chinese Historiography

Nicola Di Cosmo
Institute for Advanced Study
October 17, 2007

Nicola Di Cosmo, Luce Foundation Professor in East Asian Studies, School of Historical Studies. This lecture will provide an overview of the production and characteristics of alien history in early China, while acknowledging and attempting to gauge the cultural influence of these accounts among the alien people themselves, as "consumers" of histories they did not produce, but were used politically and in other ways.

Space Tourist

Institute for Advanced Study Trustee
October 25, 2007

Charles Simonyi, Institute Trustee and President and CEO, Intentional Software Corporation. Space flight is still a very rare and exotic experience that has only recently been opened to "tourists," officially known as spaceflight participants. Dr. Simonyi was the fifth of these as the 450th person in space.

Founders Day

May 20, 2005

On Friday, May 20, the Institute had its Founders Day, which featured a celebration of the 75th anniversary of its founding and the centenary of Albert Einstein's annus mirabilis. A highlight of this special day was the dedication of a new sculpture, now situated next to the Institute pond, by noted artist Elyn Zimmerman. Dedicated to the achievements in science and scholarship of the Institute for Advanced Study, the sculpture was made possible through the generosity of Institute Trustee Robert B. Menschel.