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Mechanizing the Odd Order Theorem: Local Analysis

Georges Gonthier
INRIA, France
January 20, 2011

Abstract: In addition to formal definitions and theorems, mathematical theories also contain clever, context-sensitive notations, usage conventions, and proof methods. To mechanize advanced mathematical results it is essential to capture these more informal elements. This can be difficult, requiring an array of techniques closer to software engineering than formal logic, but it is essential to obtaining formal proofs of graduate-level mathematics, and can give new insight as well.

Moment-Angle Complexes, Spaces of Hard-Disks and Their Associated Stable Decompositions

Fred Cohen
University of Rochester; Member, School of Mathematics
January 10, 2011

Topological spaces given by either (1) complements of coordinate planes in Euclidean space or (2) spaces of non-overlapping hard-disks in a fixed disk have several features in common. The main results, in joint work with many people, give decompositions for the so-called "stable structure" of these spaces as well as consequences of these decompositions.

This talk will present definitions as well as basic properties.

Limit Theorems for the Möbius function Function and Statistical Mechanics

Francesco Cellarosi
Princeton University
March 29, 2011

I will present a recent joint work with Ya.G. Sinai. We investigate the ``randomness" of the classical Möbius function by means of a statistical mechanical model for square-free numbers and we prove some new results, including a non-standard limit theorem where the Dickman-De Bruijn distribution appears. Although we use a probabilistic approach, this work is inspired by a conjecture by P. Sarnak, and by a number of recent results relating Number Theory and Ergodic Theory.