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The Cartan Geometry of the Rotating Kepler Problem

Otto van Koert
Seoul National University
January 21, 2011


In this talk we shall discuss the Cartan geometry of the rotating Kepler problem. The rotating Kepler problem appears as the limit of the restricted planar three-body body when one of the masses goes to zero. As such, this problem plays the role of a simple approximation. We shall discuss the Cartan curvature and some of its relations with indices in the three-body problem. This is joint work with Kai Cieliebak and Urs Frauenfelder.

Contacting the Moon

Urs Frauenfelder
Seoul National University
January 19, 2011


The restricted 3-body problem has an intriguing dynamics. A deep observation of Jacobi is that in rotating coordinates the problem admits an integral. In joint work with P. Albers, G. Paternain and O. van Koert, we proved that the corresponding energy hypersurfaces are contact for energies below and slightly above the first critical value.

Periodic Bounce Orbits of Prescribed Energy

Peter Albers
Purdue University
January 26, 2011


Periodic bounce orbits are generalizations of billiard trajectories in the presence of a potential. Using an approximation technique by Benci-Giannoni we prove existence of periodic bounce orbits of prescribed energy. At the end of the talk I will sketch very recent work in which we allow much more general Lagrangian systems including magnetic and Finsler billiards.

This is joint work with Marco Mazzucchelli.

Fluctuations of the Nodal Line Length of Laplace eigenfunctions on the Arithmetic torus

Igor Wigman
KTH, Stockholm
January 20, 2011


Using the spectral multiplicities of the standard torus, we endow the Laplace eigenspace with Gaussian probability measure. This induces a notion of a random Gaussian Laplace eigenfunctions on the torus. We study the distribution of nodal length of the random Laplace eigenfunctions for high eigenvalues ("high energy limit").