The standard \(L\)-function for \(G_2\): a "new way"

The standard LL-function for G2G2: a "new way" - Nadya Gurevich

Nadya Gurevich
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
October 2, 2014
We consider a Rankin-Selberg integral representation of a cuspidal (not necessarily generic) representation of the exceptional group \(G_2\). Although the integral unfolds with a non-unique model, it turns out to be Eulerian and represents the standard \(L\)-function of degree 7. We discuss a general approach to the integrals with non-unique models. The integral can be used to describe the representations of \(G_2\) for which the (twisted) \(L\)-function has a pole as functorial lifts. This is a joint work with Avner Segal.