Fitting manifolds to data.

Charlie Fefferman
Princeton University
April 7, 2018

The problems come in two flavors.
Extrinsic Flavor: Given a point cloud in R^N sampled from an unknown probability density, how can we decide whether that probability density is concentrated near a low-dimensional manifold M with reasonable geometry? If such an M exists, how can we find it? (Joint work with S. Mitter and H. Narayanan)

Exceptional holonomy and related geometric structures: Examples and moduli theory.

Simon Donaldson
Stonybrook University
April 4, 2018

We will discuss the constructions of compact manifolds with exceptional holonomy (in fact, holonomy $G_{2}$),  due to Joyce and Kovalev.  These both use “gluing constructions”. The first involves de-singularising quotient spaces and the second constructs a 7-manifold from “building blocks” derived from Fano threefolds.  We will explain how the local moduli theory is determined by a period map and discuss connections between the global moduli problem and Riemannian convergence theory (for manifolds with bounded Ricci curvature).