Construction of hypersurfaces of prescribed mean curvature

Jonathan Zhu
Harvard University; Visitor, School of Mathematics
October 9, 2018
We'll describe a joint project with X. Zhou in which we use min-max techniques to prove existence of closed hypersurfaces with prescribed mean curvature in closed Riemannian manifolds. Our min-max theory handles the case of nonzero constant mean curvature, and more recently a generic class of smooth prescription functions, without assuming a sign condition.

Singularity and comparison theorems for metrics with positive scalar curvature

Chao Li
Stanford University; Visitor, School of Mathematics
October 9, 2018
Following a program proposed by Gromov, we study metric singularities of positive scalar curvature of codimension two and three. In addition, we describe a comparison theorem for positive scalar curvature that is captured by polyhedra. Part of this talk is based on joint work with C. Mantoulidis.

Asymptotic spectra and their applications I

Jeroen Zuiddam
Member, School of Mathematics
October 9, 2018
These two talks will introduce the asymptotic rank and asymptotic subrank of tensors and graphs - notions that are key to understanding basic questions in several fields including algebraic complexity theory, information theory and combinatorics.

Matrix rank is well-known to be multiplicative under the Kronecker product, additive under the direct sum, normalized on identity matrices and non-increasing under multiplying from the left and from the right by any matrices. In fact, matrix rank is the only real matrix parameter with these four properties.