A Blueprint of Standardized and Composable Machine Learning

A Blueprint of Standardized and Composable Machine Learning - Eric Xing

Eric Xing
Carnegie Mellon University
August 6, 2020
In handling wide range of experiences ranging from data instances, knowledge, constraints, to rewards, adversaries, and lifelong interplay in an ever-growing spectrum of tasks, contemporary ML/AI research has resulted in thousands of models, learning paradigms, optimization algorithms, not mentioning countless approximation heuristics, tuning tricks, and black-box oracles, plus combinations of all above. While pushing the field forward rapidly, these results also make a comprehensive grasp of existing ML techniques more and more difficult, and make standardized, reusable, repeatable, reliable, and explainable practice and further development of ML/AI products quite costly, if possible, at all. In this talk, we present a simple and systematic blueprint of ML, from the aspects of losses, optimization solvers, and model architectures, that provides a unified mathematical formulation for learning with all experiences and tasks. The blueprint offers a holistic understanding of the diverse ML algorithms, guidance of operationalizing ML for creating problem solutions in a composable and mechanic manner, and unified framework for theoretical analysis.