Kinematics of Circumgalactic Gas

Kinematics of Circumgalactic Gas - Crystal Martin

Crystal Martin
University of California, Santa Barbara
November 27, 2018

Most of the baryons associated with galaxy halos reside in the
circumgalactic medium. A significant fraction of the mass is at
temperatures well below the halo virial temperature.  What holds
the cool CGM up?  I will present new measurements of the kinematics
of circumgalactic gas.  The data show that much of the low-ionization
CGM rotates in the same direction as the galactic disk, suggesting
substantial centrifugal support.  Disturbances from galactic winds
are also apparent, and I will discuss the empirical constraints on
both gas outflows and inflows.  Understanding the hydrodynamics of
the CGM is important because this physics shapes the growth of
galactic disks.