Friends of the Institute

The American Plate: A Culinary History in 100 Bites

Libby O'Connell
Chief Historian for History Channel
March 6, 2015
Dr. Libby O'Connell, chief historian for History Channel, will
discuss American culinary history and food traditions in this
talk drawn from her new book The American Plate: A Culinary
History in 100 Bites. Dr. O'Connell's lecture explores key moments
in U.S. history through the lens of food, from indigenous food
preparation to immigrant journeys to 20th century food fads,
to describe how and why food can be a central through-line for
understanding American history and culture.

Modern Cosmology and the Origin of the Universe

Matias Zaldarriaga
Institute for Advanced Study
February 11, 2015
The last decades have seen great advances
in our understanding of the history of our
universe. I will summarize our current
knowledge, describe some of the puzzles
that still remain and speculate about future
developments in cosmology.
Matias Zaldarriaga has made many influential
and creative contributions to our understanding of the
early universe, particle astrophysics, and cosmology
As a probe of fundamental physics. Much of his work
centers on understanding the clues about the earliest

A Conversation with Pia de Jong

Pia de Jong, Columnist and Novelist
January 30, 2015
This special Friends Event will feature the novelist and
columnist Pia de Jong, who will be reading from her most recent
work and discussing her life as a writer in the United States.
Since moving to Princeton with her family in 2012, Pia de Jong
has written a popular weekly column for the leading Amsterdam
daily newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, about her life in the U.S.
In the literary tradition of European writers visiting America
that includes Alexis de Tocqueville, Isabella Bird, and Alistair