Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Probabilistic Combinatorics II

Fotios Illiopoulos
Member, School of Mathematics
November 26, 2019

The tasks of finding and randomly sampling solutions of constraint satisfaction problems over discrete variable sets arise naturally in a wide variety of areas, among them artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and combinatorics, and further have deep connections to statistical physics.

In this second talk of the series, I'll cover some results regarding random constraint satisfaction problems and their connection to statistical physics.

Regularity lemma and its applications Part I

Fan Wei
Member, School of Mathematics
December 3, 2019

Szemeredi's regularity lemma is an important tool in modern graph theory. It and its variants have numerous applications in graph theory, which in turn has applications in fields such as theoretical computer science and number theory. The first part of the talk covers some basic knowledge about the regularity lemma and some of its applications, such as the graph removal lemma. I will also discuss some recent works related to the removal lemma. 

Complex SYK Model

Alexei Kitaev
December 3, 2019

Please Note: This workshop is not open to the general public, but only to active researchers.

This workshop will focus on quantum aspects of black holes, focusing on applying ideas from quantum information theory.

This meeting is sponsored by the "It from Qubit"collaboration and is followed by the collaboration meeting in New York City.