Progress in the theory of CMC surfaces in locally homgeneous 3-manifolds X

Progress in the theory of CMC surfaces in locally homgeneous 3-manifolds X - William Meeks

William Meeks
University of Massachusetts; Member, School of Mathematics
November 9, 2018

Abstract:  I will go over some recent work that I have been involved in on surface geometry in complete locally homogeneous 3-manifolds X.  In joint work with Mira, Perez and Ros, we have been able to finish a long term project related to the Hopf uniqueness/existence problem for CMC spheres in any such X.  In joint work with Tinaglia on curvature and area estimates for CMC H>0 surfaces in such an X, we have been working on getting the best curvature and area estimates for constant mean curvature estimates in terms of their injectivity radii and their genus.  It follows from this work that if W is a closed Riemannian manifold W then the moduli space of closed, connected, strongly Alexandrov  embedded surfaces of constant mean curvature H in an interval [a,b] with a>0 and of genus bounded above by a positive constant is compact.  In another direction, in joint work with Coskunuzer and Tinaglia we now know that in complete hyperbolic 3-manifolds N, any complete embedded surface M of finite topology is proper in N if H is at least 1 (this is work with Tinaglia) and for any value of H less than 1 there exists complete embedded nonproper planes in hyperbolic 3-space (joint work with both researchers). In joint work with Adams and Ramos, we have been able characterize the topological types of finite topology surfaces that properly embed in some complete hyperbolic 3-manifold of finite volume (including the closed case) with constant mean curvature H; in fact, the surfaces that we construct are totally umbilic.