Strong ballistic transport for quasiperiodic Schrodinger operators and Lieb-Robinson bounds for XY spin chains

Ilya Kachkovskiy
Member, School of Mathematics
November 9, 2016

I will discuss some results and open questions related to transport properties of 1D quasiperiodic operators with absolutely continuous spectra, and their relations to integrable many-body systems. Most of the results will be based on

The Institute for Advanced Study: The First 100 Years

George Dyson
November 9, 2016
In 1916, social theorist Thorstein Veblen called for the post-war institution of “academic houses of refuge... where teachers and students of all nationalities, including Americans with the rest, may pursue their chosen work.” In 1923, Oswald Veblen contacted Simon Flexner, who suggested “you might speak with my brother, Mr. Abraham Flexner,” thus bringing in Louis Bamberger and Carrie Fuld, whose fortunes had been launched selling distressed merchandise out of a Newark storefront in 1892.