Edward T. Cone Concert Series - Pre-Concert Talks

Sebastian Currier
March 29, 2014
The distinguished Argento Ensemble performed Sebastian Currier’s "Deep-Sky Objects"—a cycle of songs with text by Sarah Manguso that portray longing and desire on an intergalactic scale—as well as "Das Lied von der Erde" by Mahler, arranged by Arnold Schoenberg. In this video Sebastian Currier, Artist-in-Residence, and Michel Galante, Argento Ensemble Director, take the stage to discuss the concert.

A polynomial lower bound for monotonicity testing of Boolean functions over hypercube and hypergrid domains

Rocco Servedio
Columbia University
March 31, 2014
We prove a \(\tilde{\Omega}(n^{1/5})\) lower bound on the query complexity of any non-adaptive two-sided error algorithm for testing whether an unknown n-variable Boolean function is monotone versus constant-far from monotone. This gives an exponential improvement on the previous lower bound of \(\Omega(\log n)\) due to Fischer et al from 2002. Our approach extends to give a similar lower bound for monotonicity testing of Boolean-valued functions over certain hypergrid domains \(\{1,2,...,m\}^n\). Joint work with Li-Yang Tan.

S.T. Lee Lecture: Maiden Voyage: The Senzaimaru and the Creating of Modern Sino-Japanese Relations

Joshua A. Fogel
Professor, York University
March 31, 2014
In this lecture, Joshua A. Fogel, Professor at York University, discusses how in 1862, the Japanese government, seeing the writing on the wall of international relations and recognizing that it would be impossible to continue keeping itself from much greater foreign contacts, launched its first foreign mission. Fifty-one Japanese sailed aboard the newly purchased and renamed Senzaimaru to Shanghai where the entire panoply of Western powers could be viewed in microcosm.